Media Statement


Attributable to Jim Sleper, CEO of Southeast Milk, Inc.

In November of last year, Southeast Milk, Inc. announced an action plan for all of our member farms to improve the way we bring dairy products to homes all across Florida and the southeast. This plan included:

Conducting mandatory and comprehensive management trainings on cow and calf care and employee supervision for all SMI member farm owners and operators;

Working with The National FARM program to adopt stricter and more specific animal care processes and policies to ensure farm owners are held accountable for the treatment of animals on their farms;

Working with all member farms to introduce or strengthen video surveillance to help ensure animals are treated humanely at all times, and that farm owners have the capability to monitor farm and employee activity.

SMI and its members have upheld these commitments and continue engaging and challenging our members to improve through a variety of efforts and hard work. We are passionate and confident about moving forward with the right training, technology, and processes in place that will ensure the welfare of our animals.